DAY 1/160

Dear Baby Milline,

I refer to you this way for now because I am not yet aware if you are a boy or a girl, I come to you tonight with something that peaked my interest today at work.  You see we currently live in a digital age where everything is shared online amongst friends and family. So much that people rarely see one another these days as so much information is shared through medias such as phone, computers, or tablets.

That is when I began to think about you. Growing up to have some idea of who my parents were I had to look through old photo albums at my grandparents house, and even then my parents would not open up much about their past. Thought the photos were quite entertaining. Unfortunately for you though most physical copies of photos will not exist time you are old enough to actually comprehend what is happening in them. So I decided that today August 29, 2017, approximately 159 days before your arrival, that I would begin writing you a letter everyday expressing what is going on with your father and mother. Sharing photos of us as we prepare for your arrival into our lives. 

Almost 5 months your mother and I got married on your late grandfather's birthday of April 1st. Yes an April Fool's wedding, for two love birds crazy about one another.  2 months ago your mother gave me the surprise of my life by informing me that we are having a little one, you. I couldn't do anything but smile, however at the same time I will be honest I was a bit nervous. There is no class to prepare you to be a father or a mother for that matter, so I wanted to just be the best father I could possibly be to you. Thus I felt this chain of letters are important as one day you may have questions about me, as I did my father.  I hope to open up to you in ways that my pops never did to me. Now don't get me wrong my dad was an awesome father, but we lived in a age where men led by example and less with words. I'll probably do the same with my actions as you will learn most of the traits to be a man that way, however I wanted to leave these words for you to also see how your dad thinks and what's going on at different stages along this journey. 

So perhaps that's enough of the opening, maybe not but I don't want to overthink this first entry to much. For starters I'd just like to show you how today went.  Your father is pretty good with a camera, you'll have to ask your mother about that as I don't wish to toot my own horn.  But as you can see I am not totally prepared just yet for you to arrive. 

August 29 2017 (1 of 6).jpg

You see this is my car currently.  Not quite certain how a baby seat in the back of a Camaro works out but we'll make it work I'm certain.  Though I'll probably be in the market for a truck or SUV in the near future.  

August 30 2017 (1 of 1).jpg

But remember that your pops once drove a sports car, 6 speed manual. 

August 29 2017 (3 of 6).jpg

Your mom has some of the prettiest feet I've ever seen, and she keeps them well maintained at all times.  She also likes to sleep a lot, though now you currently wake her up she says at least twice a night to pee.  However, you must enjoy the food she's feeding you as you haven't really given her any morning sickness. But you don't like water first thing in the morning, something your mom and I will have to consider in the future. 

Your mom also was a bit upset today as I mentioned it to her that she needs to soak up all the camera time she can, because once you are here you will have all of this camera time. As you can see this is her reaction to those words. I keep telling her that you will more than likely have these similar reactions and that she should be prepared for them upon your arrival.  Also that I will laugh every time I witness it occurring. 

 Now do you think this was nice of her or not? 

Now do you think this was nice of her or not? 

However she loves you deeply as I can already see she's going to be a great mother to you. She's doing everything in her power to ensure that you enter this world a healthy beautiful black baby. She's already talking to you, rubbing you when you are restless, and planning your future schooling and living arrangements. 

August 29 2017 (6 of 6).jpg

I've always heard that a mother becomes a mother the day she finds out she's pregnant. Fathers on the other hand become fathers the day the baby is born. I'm attempting to change this viewpoint in my mind. I want to be just as caring, loving, and a great parent to you as your mother. I hope this is a great start.  Until tomorrow. 


Your Father 

Ronald Milline