DAY 10/160

Dear Baby Milline, 

I am so exhausted right now as I write this letter to you. Today was a day filled with storm disaster planning and 5k corporate run walks. The day started off slow, but as Hurricane Irma approaches we have to make plans for restoration through out the state of Georgia. So I learned today that next week I may have to travel to Augusta and act as the liaison between GPC and GTC. I'll be honest I truly don't want to go, however I think I'll be good at it if I do. The reason I mostly don't wish to go is the amount of days I may have to spend out of town and away from your mother. She's my heartbeat and I'll miss seeing her and learning more about you from her. So we shall see what Irma brings. 

Today also was the annual Kaiser Permanente 5k run/walk. I've always missed this event in years pass, but heard great things from co-workers. Especially about free beer at the end of the event for those that participate. Now Baby Milline I have not run in about 2 weeks, so my time sucked, but I was happy I was able to finish in under 40 minutes.  The first mile for me is always the toughest but I managed to push through in the end and complete the course.  I'm now sitting in a chair massagers focused mostly on my legs, as I do not wish to catch a cramp in my hamstring tonight while I sleep. 

September 7 2017  (2 of 1).jpg

Tomorrow is Friday and your mother and I are both excited. She because she has no plans this weekend and can't wait to get some rest. Myself, I'm looking forward to more college football, a street photography walk Saturday morning, and the Falcons game on Sunday. 

Oh by the way your cousin DJ and Shanetria got engaged yesterday. Your mother called it but I had no earthly idea he was going to propose. Looks like we may have a wedding to attend in the near future, will you grace us with your presence before then? We shall see...

Love You, 

Your Father. 

Ronald Milline