DAY 11/160

Dear Baby Milline, 

Today was an awesome day at work as we managed to get a lot done in preparation for keeping the power system stable during the Hurricane. However, this Hurricane Irma has now been considered to enter the state as a Tropical Storm now. No longer on the coast either now the center of the state. But we've done what we can to prepare the system to remain in tact. 

Recall I told you I was once a sneaker head, well I finally got on board to getting some shoes again.  I need some badly for work as dressing too formal amongst engineers seems to draw red flags. However, as a 35 year old man I don't want to be too informal so a mixture between street and formal. Maybe I'll call it my own style for the future.  I'm no really a big fan of Chucks until recently after being put on by a good friend. So I'm now in the Chuck Taylor purchasing business. 

September 8 2017  (1 of 3).jpg

The remainder of the day was spent sleeping actually, hence while your mother and I fed you so late today. It was good but not great.

September 8 2017  (2 of 3).jpg

Someone will have to explain to me why Five Guys is so expensive. $25 for some hamburgers is crazy. 

September 8 2017  (3 of 3).jpg

Followed with The Fate of the Fast and Furious for movie night with your mother.  I'm happy she's wide away to watch it with me. 

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to the photo walk and capturing the city again and telling you all about it. 

Love You Baby Milline, 

Your Father

Ronald Milline