DAY 13/160

Dear Baby Milline,  

Today was all about Church and football. We streamed service today as I prepared mentally for my trip possibly tomorrow to South Georgia to assist with power restoration. Washing clothes was apart of the day but also spending some quality time with your mother. Which let me tell you Baby Milline about love.  

We all experience and no others love us based on certain characteristics. For some it maybe a persons ability to assist you in your times of need. For others it may be a kind gesture or words. There are certain things your mother does that shows me how much she truly cares and loves me.  

Just the thought today of me going away tomorrow for work brought your mother to tears. She held it together the entire time we were with your grandmother. But the second we got in the car those tears of love and concern came upon your mother. I really don't like seeing your mother cry about anything, but her tears show me truly how passionate a person she is. And how much she cares deep down inside. Deep down I want to wash away all of her tears and concern but they also mean so much to me. 

Well I am as prepared as I'm gonna be Baby Milline, being on Irma and what ever havoc she brings.  

I Love You Baby Milline, 

Your Father  

Ronald Milline