DAY 14/160

Dear Baby Milline,

Today was a hectic day but a calm day. I didn't have to travel to Valdosta today for work, but I will in the morning. So Irma was bad but I still don't think she did as much damage as we were expecting. 


I managed to make it into the office today to take care of some things as well as attend meetings concerning the outage. I left around noon to spend time with your mom and family. All was well until the power went out around 3PM. Thinking the power would eventually come back your mother and I took a nap, before finally deciding to come to your grandmother's house, which had power, to charge phones amongst other devices.  

Now I'm resting and preparing myself for the 3.5 hour drive tomorrow to Valdosta to assist with restoration in South West Georgia.

So I end this letter to you here Baby Milline.

I love you,

Your Father.

Ronald Milline