DAY 16/160

Dear Baby Milline, 

Today was all about wrapping things up in Athens, but also concerning myself with the efforts back home.  You see your grandparents power has still not come on, which has threaten Fish Wednesday.  As I mentioned before Wednesday's have become a tradition for us to gather around, enjoy some good fried fish and baked fries.  Where your cousin will prefer his fish sticks and potato rounds.  However, with the power being out your grandfather has put us all on notice that Fish Wednesday may have to be rescheduled to next week. 

However, after talking to your mother we suggested that we host Fish Wednesday and keep the tradition alive.  So your mother prepared the fish and fries, your poor cousin had to eat real fish today. But it was great, your mother did a fabulous job with today's meal. You know it's good when the master chef gives the junior chef a compliment.  We were not only able to enjoy the food but also the company with one another.  

September 16-0077.jpg

Your grandfather and I both enjoyed a new beer and talked news, sports, and power restoration in the area.  Today turned out to be a great day after all. 

Love You, 

Your Father

Ronald Milline