DAY 17/160

Dear Baby Milline, 

Today things are much quieter than they were earlier in the week. Most of the power is back to those who were without. Work has been a little slow today as we are wrapping things up for the disaster response, but paper work is essential. 

Your grandparent's home finally receive power about 5pm today, but just as they were receiving power your grandmother's power went out. Though she was one of the fortunate ones to have power majority of the week, today a fuse blew just outside the home causing her and four others to go without power. Luckily for us and for you she was able to prepare dinner before the fuse blew. This way we were able to see her and spend a bit of time at the house.  

Nothing much out of the ordinary happened today, outside of the Houston Texans beating the Cincinnati Bengals.  The Bengals need to get it together quickly as two ugly losses have a lot of people questioning the direction of their team.  

Tomorrows the last day of a busy week for me, and though your mother was agitated earlier this week with school being out, she's not looking forward to returning back to work Friday. Not certain what the kids will do, having been out all week from the storm, but let's pray her day is not a stressful one. 

One final thing, typically Thursday's on social media are dedicated to Throw Back Photos, so I want to share a throw back photo of your mother that I have. 



Your Father

Ronald Milline