DAY 18/160

Dear Baby Milline, 

Work was a breeze today as many had off days, but today was also pay day so I am sure many are enjoying that as well. As for me I am starting to pick up the pieces on what your mothers cravings are for you. 

As many times as we've been to Chipotle the past few weeks I'm starting to think you both love Chipotle very much. Not only did your mother have Chipotle yesterday, but she also wants it again tonight. So that's where we ended up at and again you  both seem to enjoy it a lot as now she's full and you Baby Milline are comfortable.

September 16-0081.jpg

Your mother mentioned that you were a little jumpy earlier as she felt you moving. She feels this may have been because all week you guys have been relaxing, and today her having to go to work disturbed your rest. She also mentioned that she was cursed out badly by some parent because of kids waiting on the school bus, but there was nothing she could do about that. She felt bad for you having to hear those words come from that woman's mouth so at one point she actually removed her ear from the phone.  See Baby Milline, your mother is always looking out for your best interest even at work.  

September 16-0083.jpg

Tonight I actually spent time working on the photos from this week as I was only able to take notes during the storm and not actually write blogs.  So I'll spend Saturday morning typing these thoughts out for you to know what's going on for days 15-17 of 160 days.  As I promised you Baby Milline, I will make my best effort to write you everyday so that you have a better idea of who your father is and what was. 

I love you Baby Milline, 29 days until your gender is revealed to us...

Your Father

Ronald Milline