DAY 19/160

Dear Baby Milline, 

Today was a day filled with rest, and eating good. Your mother and I slept in a little later than normal for a Saturday and upon waking decided American Roadhouse for breakfast was the move.

September 16 (1 of 4).jpg

Though I think your mother may be getting tired of me taking photos of her when we go out. Don't worry I have something for that, as you see tomorrow is the home opener for the Falcons at the new Mercedes Benz Stadium. So I have the bright idea I'm just going to make a video to capture the day.  Not quite certain how it will turn out but I thought about it all day and it's a go. 

September 16 (2 of 4).jpg

For dinner we were put on to a really good BBQ restaurant called Community BBQ in Decatur. When I tell you its some good eating, it's now 11:23PM and I'm still full from eating.

September 16 (3 of 4).jpg

Your mother and aunts then left to attend a concert at the Fox Theatre, however I didn't go. Why you may ask, well I won't call myself a fan of the artist performing. Though I much rather not leave your mother as the 5th wheel, that's how she ended up at the Concert tonight.  Your aunts made it very clear that this shall not happen again, and it won't.  I promised to do my research on the artist performing tonight, so in the future when they return I feel more aware of who they are and what they may perform. 

September 16 (4 of 4).jpg

I just hope they all have a good time tonight at the concert, I'll have to let you know tomorrow how it went upon your mother's return home. Well I thought tonights college football games were going to be worthwhile, however was I wrong. But it does look like the Texas vs. USC game has lived up to its hype. 

Well Baby Milline, tomorrow is going to be a long one as the game doesn't start until 8PM, so it may be late writing you tomorrow, but I will do so. 


Your Father 

Ronald Milline