DAY 20/160

Dear Baby Milline, 

On Sunday September 17th, we attended the first regular season game at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA and though you may not be aware today you were there too. How do I know this you may ask? Well your mother mentioned a few times how much you were moving during and after the game.  She also made note that due to the stress the Falcons cause and how fast her heart beats during the game, she may not be attending many more this season. 

Saturday I told you I would make a video of the day, in which I did however I have to upload the video to a web page or social site to share it here.  Problem with that is my video has music attached to it, which is not allowed by most sites. But I may have to mute it, share on Facebook so that I can attach it here for you to see one day.  

I will say making a video is a lot of fun and a different kind of challenge. A shot list is probably recommended for any video directer but I shot on instinct alone.  

To your parents surprise my best friends showed up to the game with Falcons paraphernalia on. Just so you know she's a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and he's a New England Patriots fan.  Not pictured here is my other close friend Jeff who unfortunately is a Packers Fan and took another loss (3 in a row) to the Falcons.  Though the Packers have won Super Bowls and we have not, it does feel good to rub it in his face every now and then how the Falcons have the Packers number when it comes to head to head play.  


The game was packed though Baby Milline, and to my surprise about 90-95% of the fans there were Falcons fans.  Typically a lot of people sell their tickets to the opposing teams fans, but that wasn't the case Sunday Night. 

The Falcons took care of business and both your mom and I were excited they made a good showing in the home opener.  Our section is not quite like last years, though that may change, however they are good people.  We left the game with about 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter with the Falcons up 34-23 over the Packers who got a bunch of garbage points and stats late in the game.  That tends to happen when you are playing from behind though. 


We ended up getting home just before midnight and immediately knew Monday would be a long day at work. However, one thing at the moment that keeps coming up that I want you to know about. Attending/Supporting the NFL is a hot topic this day by many black people and by your mother and I going to the game it can be viewed or assumed we are against those who are boycotting the NFL. I won't go into to much detail here Baby Milline, but a lot is going on right now when it comes to Civil Rights and Race Relations. A lot of back and forth, which has created a lot of thoughts on my mind. I'll share them soon how I feel but right now is just about our Sunday. 


Your Father

P.S. You made your mother a little sick this morning, guessing you don't like grits on Sunday mornings. We were doing so well the first trimester but now in the second you're becoming a picky eater like your dad. 

Ronald Milline