DAY 21/160

Dear Baby Milline, 

Today was all about birthdays, birthdays and rest. The Falcons game last night had your father extremely tired, both at work and after work. 5AM got here way to quickly this morning and I paid for it. However, that's not the point. Today was your grandfather's birthday and it was also the day we celebrating his birthday, your auntie's birthday, and your big cousin's birthday. Lots of Virgo's you will find in the family. 

Your great aunts and uncles came by to partake in the celebration as well, as we all enjoyed Nachos and Tacos.  Your grandmother also prepared a chocolate poundcake which was delicious. We also had an opportunity to sit and talk about the latest and greatest issues concerning our country. 

We definitely had a good time and it's always great to be around family.  I can't wait for you to be here to witness how much this family loves one another. That the most precious gifts we all can receive is love and time with our family.  


Ronald Milline