DAY 22/160

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Dear Baby Milline, 

Your dad joined a bowling league today. The league is held by my company and has been around for the past 4 years. I will say when I showed up I was a bit intimidated as all of my co-workers managed to show up with with their own personal bags, balls, and shoes.  They all during warmups had a nice professional curve to their bowl, and knew all the technicalities of where to strike pins.  Keep in mind many of them have been a part of the league since it first began. 

I on the other hand had to use the bowling alley's ball and shoes, which never seem to work no matter how many times I use the same combination.  One thing for certain though is each game I bowl my score increases.  Today I bowled a 102, 114, and 126.  I believe the highest score today was 205 so I have a ways to go even with the handicap offered.  However, it was a fun outing and an opportunity to fellowship with co-workers outside of work.  This I think will help me continue my adjustment to being in the office on a regular basis.  

Baby Milline, I'll have to keep you posted on if I get worse or better during the season.  I don't feel I need a ball or shoes just yet, but I can see the benefit of having them. 

Love You, 

Your Father

Ronald Milline