DAY 23/160

Dear Baby Milline, 

Not much going on today, just a lot of thoughts about what if I take videos more serious.  Your big cousin the other day ran it by me stating that she likes my videos so much I should consider making a YouTube channel.  What I'd talk about on that channel I have no idea, but it does sound quite interesting and at the same time challenging. 

So about that thought, just wanted to inform you that your dad is a bit of a perfectionist. I tend not to want to showcase anything I do until I feel I've mastered it a bit. I was this way with photos, with my writing, and with presentations. However, over the years I have learned that the best way to master anything is to just get out there and do it. Focus on making the best product you can, and in time you will grow to perfect it. I have learned that you won't need the best gear, the latest and greatest software or to be the best speaker/writer on the planet because what you produce as long as it makes you happy is the key. So I plan to dive head first into doing videos, even if that means all of my edits are done on my iPhone for the time being. I told my niece that I'll start making vlogs on Snapchat for now on a daily to get a feel for them, and starting October 21st I'll go live with the YouTube vlogs. This gives me about 30 days to practice.  

Though I speak about gear though Baby Milline, your dad did make one irrational purchase today. My very first camera was a point and shoot Olympus, but my skills came from using my mobile device. So because of that and now diving into video I wanted to have a device that would allow my videos to look some what cinema like when I shoot them, verses all shaky like my videos look now. So I purchased the Zhiyun Smooth - Q 3 - Axis Stabilizer.

September 21--2.jpg

Initially I wasn't going to get it, but had some points for Best Buy from other purchases and this device was under $150 so I decided why not. Incase I have never told you before now, your father is a bit of a techie and having all the latest gadgets was once my thing.  

I'll see how this goes, and like I mentioned before consistency is what matters the most.  So Baby Milline the message here is what ever you want to do, what ever you put your mind to, not only will I support you in it, but I want you to remain consistent at it. Lord knows where I'd be by now had I been consistent with photography all these years, so learn from your father's mistake and take this advice to heart. 


Your Father 

Ronald Milline