DAY 24/160

Dear Baby Milline, 

Today is September 21st, a slow day at work but an exciting day over all. However, I was able to attend the health fair at work and I heard some good things and some bad things. The bad things are mostly I need to stop eating so many sweets and fried food as my cholesterol was a little high. The good though my blood pressure, vision and cardiovascular health is overall good. Beyond that it was a good day to catch up with some former co-workers that I worked alongside in the field. To hear their stories of current events taking place and let them know how I am managing to adjust to life in the office. 

You see today your auntie sent out the invites for your gender reveal. Since your mom and I are avid football fans the theme will center around football of course.  

September 21-.jpg

Touchdowns or Tutus is how the party will go.  Those in favor of you being a boy (Tre) shall wear blue, where as those who are in favor of you being a girl (TBD :-)) shall wear pink. Of course I'll be there in Blue, because what man does not want a son especially one to carry his name and legacy forward. However, your mother and grandmother are currently both neutral so they claim they will both wear shirts with Pink and Blue in them. 

Regardless Baby Milline, we are continuing to pray that you are a healthy baby that's coming into a world filled with love from family and friends a like. Your mother and I sat around the dinner table today, talking with your grandmother about just about anything. From Church, to travel, to you of course. You mother made reference as to how when she saw the invite above it made her cry. Also how she no longer wants to talk to those who have children on their experience as all of their stories sound scary. 

September 21-0113.jpg

Your grandmother prepared a great meal for us tonight as we had an opportunity to catch up again. She then proceeded to anoint us all, including you inside your mother's womb.  See Baby Milline, you are blessed and I want you to know that. 


Your Father 


Ronald Milline