DAY 25/160

Dear Baby Milline, 

Today was a drag of a day, not much of anything took place at work as a few co workers were out due to normal off days or paid time off. I did manage to get some things accomplished though and have a great conversation with my co-worker Brian who will soon move to Seattle to be with his fiancé. Brian is good people and I was able to assist in his learning at the company early in his career. He has 4 days remaining and then he's off to the west coast to start his new position with a different utility.  

Upon returning home your mother and I took a well deserved nap. I give her a hard time about sleeping so much, but she does a lot, and with you surviving off here nourishment I can see why she's exhausted. She has this app now that lets us know just how much you are developing. Based on the app you're the size of a carrot. She also mentioned how when she thinks at times you are sleep, the moment she thinks so you move. It's quite amazing to me honestly.  

Once we woke from our nap we head over to American Deli to grab a bite to eat, and spent the rest of the evening watching Wonder Woman,recently released in theatres. Honestly I can see why it did so poorly in thestres. The story line is a drag and almost unrealistic. Though it's closely based on the comic's story I feel they should have taken more of a Bat Man Dark Knight approach to make it more like real.  



The movie eventually put us to sleep, though we attempted to watch Fist Fight featuring Ice Cube, but that didn't last long.  

Tomorow is a big day however as we go find items to include on your registry. We have no idea what's in store for us, as doing a wedding registry was tiresome enough. Your aunt says it will be a lot of fun but exhausting at the same time. We shall see.  


Your Father  

Ronald Milline