DAY 26/160

Dear Baby Milline,  

Today was Registry Day, and gosh this is an exhausting process. Our goal was to start early so we could finish early, but almost 3 hours it took to scan and find most of the items we feel will be essential for you in your first few years of life.  


We decided to go to Babies R' Us to create your registry and though we had a list informing us of items we should get, they offered a list certified by mother's both first time and repetitive of the items you will really need. This list had us all over the store, but we were able to skip the toy section as I'm sure we will have plenty of time spent there in the future. 

Everything you can imagine a baby needs is in this store and it is a bit over whelming I will say. However, there are some charms we found in there that made the experience worth while.  

I saw this sign that signal "Little Man Cave" and "Little Boys are just Super Heros in Disguise" I will say these brought a smile and chuckle. 


Your mother on the other hand found this pink and green Falcons Cheerleaders outfit and immediately thought about you as a little girl wearing that on game day. 


As you can see we are some what split at the moment on if we both want you to be a boy or a girl. Which made this experience even more exhausting as we had to scan items for boys and items for girls. There were also a lot of items we scan that are neautral so whether you are a girl or boy it still works. 

We started your registry today around 3pm and we finished around 6pm. We were slap wore out when we left Babies R' Us. Mommy wasn't even able to make it back to the highway before she was asleep. However, shortly after we hit the road she woke to let me know that both of you were hungry. 


Dinner was served and we finished the evening watching UGA whop up on  Mississippi State. 

Love You Baby Milline, 

Your Father  

Ronald Milline