DAY 27/160

Dear Baby Milline, 

Well today was a glorious of a day Baby Milline, as your mom and I decided to relax enjoy the last day of the first weekend of Fall. I don't believe I told you this a few days ago but 45 aka Trump, who's our President by the way, made some remarks on Friday that has the entire country and perhaps even the world in an uproar.  Not only does he not seem to fully comprehend the constitution, but also feels he's playing the game Battleship that I was able to play as a kid. He's threatening to use weapons of mass destruction to completely annihilate North Korea, and with this could potentially start World War III. Yet instead of worrying to much about what's going on around the world, as he stated he'd do if he was elected, he should focus his attention back to The United States of America. There is so much going on here right now this day, that this country may have a Civil War with opposing sides constantly going back and forth with one another. 

The greatest thing about freedom is you are allowed to have an opinion, not only have one but voice it and stand firmly behind it. The biggest problem I see today Baby Milline, is everyone is so quick to speak, yet they are not willing to listen. You will learn eventually Baby Milline that the best relationships work when you are able to not only speak up, but are able to listen as well.  You may not always agree but you will at least have an idea of the position someone else may have or feel towards an issue.  Also due to social media a lot of dialog these days is taking place through applications verses face to face. It's not that those of different backgrounds or ethnicity do not work together physically, its we don't have these types of conversations at work. People's online identity is a lot different than their physical identity, and definitely their personal live's differ greatly from their work life. There's a public face and a private face, and most Americans have both. 

Though Sunday started off this way with conversations surrounding our President, many professional athletes displayed their freedom of speech publicly and this pissed some people off and made others extremely proud. Our Falcons showed a form of unity before the game Sunday by locking arms, and though this made some of us proud for many others it was not enough. Guess we all can't be completely happy all the time. Your mother and I sat and watched the Falcons game Sunday verses the Detroit Lions, and I already know now especially after yesterday your mother won't be watching many more games. Her heart just can't take it and she doesn't want her nerves to interfere with your well being. The Falcons managed to pull it out at the end winning the game on ruling in the last seconds of the game 30-26.

Because this day had been so wild I had to get out for a second and escape the madness. Normally I do this through exercise or photography, but today I decided to do both. Doing this allows me to clear my mind and think a little clearer. I'm sure one day you will find your own ways to escape and I will surely understand why you may feel the need to do so. So I visited the spot where I first started my photography journey about 7 years ago. I've taken so many photos from the Jackson Street Bridge I could probably create a book of nothing but images from the bridge itself.  Like most days there were a ton of photographers out there capturing the popular photo of the city's skyline. 

September 24_2-0146-2.jpg

The cool thing about photography Baby Milline, is that it's a lot like music. Music is a common language spoken by all people, and allows people of different backgrounds the opportunity to come together for once. Photography is very much like this in that it allows people from different backgrounds who have a common hobby the opportunity to come together. There were all nationalities on the bridge, some spoke English other did not, but we all were able to appreciate this moment in time that will never take place again. 

September 24_2-0124.jpg

I don't know how the world will be by the time you start grow up and begin to understand, but I do pray there is much more respect to others from all sides.  Regardless of your political stance, race, or religion we all respect one another. I'm sure you will hear at some point in your life to treat others as you will them treat you. I hope you take that message to heart anytime you encounter and or have conflict with someone.  

Love You, 

Your Father

Ronald Milline