DAY 28/160

Dear Baby Milline,

It's time I get my act together and get my health back on track. At one point in time not to long ago, I was working out 6 days a week for at least 1 hour a day. That has slowly shrinking down to maybe 3 times a week now and I'm lucky if I get 30 minutes.  

I know Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will this temple I call my body, but consistency will make changes. Why the change of course you may ask from 3 days back to 6? Well last week at work we had a health fair and at the fair they let me know my cholesterol was a little high for my age and I needed to do something about it. My thing was once i workout to eat. But now it's time I complete the circle and pay closer attention to what I eat and remain consistent with my workouts.  

September 26_2-0153.jpg

Your grandfather died at the young age of 58 from pancreatic cancer. I cancer I feel personally stem from my father not being the most healthy person. My entire life I think my father weighed over 230lbs. So for the longest I never wanted to cross the 200 pound mark. My fathers weight led to pressure on his knees that eventually completely eliminated the cartilage in his knees. Unfortunately doctors told him he was too young a candidate for knee replacement surgery, but that all his health concerns would be limited if he loss weight.  

The pain in his body ultimately led to his high tolerance for pain killers. Which I feel effected his liver and pancreas. Sometime I sit back and wonder how doctors didn't find his cancer earlier as he constantly complained of a pain in his side. Baby Milline time he got diagnose he actually had the courage to ask the doctor how long someone lives with pancreatic cancer. To which the doctor responded 6 months to a year. Well dad, your grandfather, lived another 14 months before doctors told us all they'd done all they could do for him.  

Baby Milline I tell you this because i want to do what I can to remain as healthy as possible for both your mother and you. Eat better and remain active. Make my doctors appointments and use this health insurance to my benefit.

It's a Milline male thing lately to see 60 years of age. Sometimes my brother and I joke about it. But two Milline men did not see 60, your great uncle and your grandfather. I want to be around Baby Milline to see you married and starting a family of your own. If you're a boy I'd love the opportunity to meet your future wife, or if you're a beautiful girl the opportunity to escort you down the isle. Either will be an honor to me. 

I didn't plan for this letter to get this emotional, but that's what writing does for me. So I'll cut this one off now before your grandmother and mother reads it and their emotions take over.  

Love you, 

Your Father  

Ronald Milline