DAY 3/160

Dear Baby Milline,

It's been raining for what feels like the past two days and though August is nor longer a month than any other, it feels like we are experiencing the 33rd day of August.  So today I want to tell you a little bit more about myself, because you may want to ask me these questions and I hope to answer all of them but this is so you can remember. 

I was born on January 7th in 1982 at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA at 8:08PM. I stand 5'10" tall though the doctor tells me a lie each time I visit that I'm 5'11". I wear a size 11 shoe, same size as your grandfather's though I think my dad actually wore a size 9 but feet were so wide he needed 2 extra inches for comfort. I'm currently overweight in my opinion at 225 lbs. though when people look at me they feel I weigh no more than 185, I think they're just being kind. I never wanted to weigh over 200 pounds though, so till this day my goal is to get back under 200. I have acne scars from my teenage years and for what ever reason at 35 my skin is still oily around my nose.  I've tried to treat this but nothing seems to work.  Your grandfather also had oily skin but managed to escape the acne scars, lesson here don't pick at your pimples.  Fortunately your mother has flawless skin so you'll probably fall somewhere in between.  

 Your mother is fascinated with this eyebrow arc thing I have going on here 

Your mother is fascinated with this eyebrow arc thing I have going on here 

I still have a head full of hair, and will more than likely have a beard the rest of my adult life. Your mother loves my beard and can't stand when I shave, happy wife happy life. You'll probably also know me to have a beard and will find it odd those days when I don't.  I've been wearing glasses since the 3rd grade as I thought at the time my pops wore glasses and looked cool so why can't I wear glasses.  I don't think I failed my eye exam, but putting his glasses on prior to my eye appointment probably didn't help. 

I was an Athlete most of my childhood and through high school. Playing both baseball and football.  Your great grandfathers were die hard Atlanta Braves fans so baseball came naturally. Football was more from your grandfather and great uncles. I think I was good enough to play in college, but wanted the play at a division 1 school verses division 1-AA or division 2 school. So needless to say after my first year at Howard University my athletic career was over. Do I feel I missed out on an opportunity, some days, but all things happen for a reason. 

 Where it all began, Glenwood Hills Decatur, Georgia 

Where it all began, Glenwood Hills Decatur, Georgia 

Upon graduating college with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering I lived in Richmond,VA. Coincidentally your mothers grandparents and mother are from there, though she and I did not meet there. After a few months in Richmond I returned home to Atlanta to eventually work in my field as an Engineer after about 14 months working as a backroom team member at Target (coincidentally your mother's favorite store). As of two days ago I've officially been with GTC 11 years, which is unheard of these days for my generation. 

I enjoy going to the gym most mornings about 5AM to clear my mind. I have my camera everywhere I go, because photography is a passion of mine. I also enjoy informing myself on various topics.  Your mother admires that I like reading and hopes that you get that trait from me. What she probably doesn't want you to get is all the questions that come from having all this information.  So you'll more than likely be referred to me for answers. It's not her fault though she works with kids all day at school, and it not that she doesn't want to answer you just needs a break from the gazillion questions she's already answered each day. 

Beyond that you'll learn that electronics, gadgets, music, art, and sneakers are my thing. Baby Milline, I know you'll form your own interest one day and my hopes are that you are comfortable enough to share those interest with me as I've done here.  Think that's all for now, though I'm typing this at work during my lunch break.  So who knows what may take place the rest of the day in addition to this as it's currently only 12:08PM. 


I forgot to mention that I have tattoos, probably more than anyone thought I'd ever have. I probably will get more once you are here as most of the important moments in my life are represented on me some where.  I left enough room for you though. 

You're grandmother often times on Thursday makes your mom, myself, and aunt Phyllis dinner. And we were fortunate today that she did as we had no dinner plans what so ever.  I feel you definitely enjoyed the cabbage your mother fed you and if you have a sweet tooth like myself the small piece of chocolate wedding cake we have.  Now as for the chicken your mother ate we are still up in the air on that as currently she's feeling that hasn't moved much.  Guess we will find out soon how you feel about chicken. 

 The home your father grew up in

The home your father grew up in

We will form our own traditions I know, but this is just a history of where most of these traditions began.  

Until Tomorrow, 

Your Father

Ronald Milline