DAY 30/160

Dear Baby Milline, 

Well today was a wonderful day as most days go. However, all day long I have been pondering what to do with the mobile stabilizer I recently purchase to start making videos with. You see the device works, but not to my expectations. For what ever reason when I attach my Moment Lens case and lens to the stabilizer it does not balance. I'm sure that's too much weight for it, as it was made specifically for mobile phones only, however if I have all of this equipment I should be using it right! So I had to make a decision, it's either take it back to Best Buy or rig it so that it works. 

Now in the past I've been quick to return, sell, and practically give away gear. Only to my dismay a few months or years later wanting those same items, and imagining the possibilities of what I could have created had I maintained them in my possession. So I decided to rig the device to make it work for my liking. What I needed to make was a counter weight to offset the weight of the case and lens on the phone. So to Lowe's I went to find some items to do this with. 

September 28-0172.jpg

Now Baby Milline, I'm not handy man like Overton Wakefield Jones, but I am familiar with electricity and some tools I could use to make this work for me. All I needed was a set of large washers, double sided tape, and some black gorilla tape. Lucky for me they had the double sided tape were one side is actually velcro, which will allow me the option to remove the additional weight in the case I want to use only a phone in the future. 

I ended up using about 6 washers, and attempted to make it look as aesthetically appealing as possible. It works and I'm happy about that, so now I'm off to start making more short videos using my phone for now. Eventually I may purchase another camera that will produce better videos and short movies. But that will require additional software to make that happen. So these videos will more than likely be made on my phone for now, unless I find the hookup which I may have. I'll also probably use this device at upcoming events I'm attending and definitely for your gender reveal party as your two uncles both name John may not be able to attend that weekend so a Live feed will have to work. 

That was the highlight of the day for me, beyond your grandfather's fish fry and spending time with your grandmother, aunt, and big cousin.  

Love You, 

Your Father 

Ronald Milline