DAY 31/160

September 28-.jpg

Dear Baby Milline, 

Fall is hear as you are aware, well kind of. It was 90 degrees today outside and October starts this weekend. The leaves barely have changed and insects are flying all over the place. When I tell you it's hot out and people are ready for cooler weather. However, it's supposed to be below 60 one day this weekend, and then you can expect to begin hearing people complain about how cool it is. No one can ever be completely happy you will learn one day in this world of ours. 

Your mom wasn't able to make it to your grandmother's home tonight for dinner as she had a PTA meeting at work. However, upon returning home she had a funny story to tell about you inside her belly. Apparently today a few people including parents let her know that by you being in there she was telling all her business. You'll understand that statement one day, or I'll have to explain what that parent meant when he said "I'm going to tell on you, for telling all your business like that." 

But the best part of the night was your mother finally wanting to take a picture to show how much you've grown. Here you are right here Baby Milline, 

September 28--2.jpg

see how you're growing there. I think your mother is finally to a point where she wants to track your progress and how her body is changing. So don't be surprised Baby Milline if your mother begins to hog all the camera time now, remember my message Day 1 of 160 (smile). 

Your mom is something else I tell you, but that's your mom and I love her more and more ecach and every day. To witness her embracing all of this is a beautiful thing and I'm glad I am able to share with you snippets of the journey thus far. 

129 more days to go and I'm sure they will go by quickly...

Love You, 

Your Father 

Ronald Milline