DAY 32/160

Dear Baby Milline, 

Friday September 29, was all about relaxing for your mother and I. We did absolutely nothing after work ended.  I took not one photo for this series of letters to you, and once I was in we never truly left the house outside of getting something to eat. Even with that adventure we barely made the deadline before the chef shut the grill down. 

Your mother really wanted a cheese steak, which I really don't eat, so I opted for wings instead. Upon returning home I started a series on Netflix I found called Tales by Light. Which follows professional photographers around the world. However, instead of just showcasing their photos, the series discusses and shows just the lengths people will go to capture a photograph. Photography to me is a form of art, so I do understand why someone would be willing to go so far, even placing themselves in extremely dangerous situations to capture one photo. Whether that's swimming with sharks or anacondas, standing next to bears or sea lions, or experiencing the many faces of death from war to death rituals. I get it...


Makes me wonder even how I can take my photography to the next level. I will be honest with you though Baby Milline, during this journey has truly taken my photography to another level as I am documenting my life's journey and not that of someone else. Before I use to feel showing yourself off was attention seeking, but during this journey I realize that it is not I whom am seeking the attention, but the journey is in fact for you to know more about what's going on right now. Something for you to reflect on one day and think "Hey that's my dad and mom right there." 

This is not about art or attempting to be creative, this is about true life documenting and that's what makes each day feel worth while. Though I will admit I have forgotten somedays to type this letter to you, I promise you I recall vividly what has taken place. If I forget one day or even two, I make up for it by recounting everything that takes place that day. You'll have to ask your uncles one day just how impressive my memory is. And don't tell your mother this (though she's reading these letters) when it comes to events of the past, even if I know I'm right on what happened I let her win the argument. You'll get it one day Baby Milline. 

Until Tomorrow...

Love You, 

Your Father 

Ronald Milline