DAY 33/160


Dear Baby Milline, 

Today was all about spending time with your mother and close friends. We ended up going to your mother's favorite store again, but this time for you and not for her. We both agree that Targets collection of items for a baby to be is no way near as extensive as Baby's R Us, so we didn't spend much time there as most of the registry could be done online. Either it was that or your mother was tired of me nagging her about getting home in time to watch the UGA vs. Tennessee game. 

It wasn't much of a game


We ended up watching most of the game with your Uncle Lucius, Wo, and little Lawrence. This was your mother and I first time really having an infant in our apartment. Needless to say Lawrence aka Fat Christian the apartment before you could get here, luckily nothing stained. All your Uncle kept saying to me was get ready, hinting at how you will be very similar as little Lawrence. 

We spent a little time after the UGA vs. Tennessee game talking and catching up, as well as sharing a few beer favorites between the two of us. Your Uncle is very diverse in his selection of beers and has really schooled me to some new local favorites.


While your Uncle and I talked, Wo was informing your mother of things to come, as she's just went through this with little Lawrence. Your mother appeared to be really intrigued with what was being told to her, as well as enjoying the experience of looking after little Lawrence. Maybe having an infant boy around makes her want a boy of her own, smile. 

The day ended with your mother and I falling asleep to Netflix. She to her favorite Family Guy, I to this series titled Tales by Light. 

Love You, 

Your Father 

Ronald Milline