DAY 35/160

October 1-0197.jpg

Dear Baby Milline, 

Today is the 1st day of October and the next home game for our Atlanta Falcons.  Now before I go any deeper I must say that I don't know if you'll be an Atlanta sports fan or not, though I hope you will be. I say this because it has been brought to my attention a few times by close friends that just because your parents are fans of an organization does not mean you have to be. So with that being said, if you're not a Falcons fan we may have issues. I kid, I kid, but anytime the Falcons play your team if you're not a Falcons fan we won't be friends for those 3 hours. 

Your mother decided to sit this game out today, as she wanted the ability to rest and relax and I do understand. We've been pretty busy since Friday so a rest day before the work week starts can do wonders. She eventually passed her ticket off to your older cousin, so he and I were able to enjoy the Falcons game together today. I'm not even certain your big cousin is a die hard Falcons fan, but he showed his support today at the game.  Though we came up a bit short in the end, the experience was what counted. 

October 1-0199.jpg

I was also able to spend some time today with some other influencers on your life. You'll come to know all of these people the older you get but for now just know each and every Sunday during Falcons football for possibly the next 20-25 years Chante and Tiffany will be sitting near us. They clearly love each other and were disappointed today your mother didn't make it. They both wished to rub on your mothers belly for good luck. Chante mentioned something else, but I'll tell you that at another date when you're a little older to comprehend. 

October 1-0201.jpg

Upon leaving the game I spent a little more time conversing about that game with your extended family. Neither of us were excited with the play selection near the end of the game nor the calls the refs made, but you win some and you lose some. Fortunately for me I was able to hitch a ride back to the train station to avoid the long lines on the Marta entrances and platforms and ended the day spending some quality time with your mom. 

Though she was not physically at the game today she did participate at home. A funny made at the game was that your mom was probably just as stressed being at home as she would have been at the game, so she should have just come. Also note, your mother told me upon my arrival back at home that you were calm all day until I got back, and once I did you became extremely active kicking etc. Guess you were excited to hear my voice and that makes me smile. 

Love You Baby Milline, 

Your Father

Ronald Milline