DAY 36/160

October 2-0212.jpg

Dear Baby Milline, 

Today was a great day. I don't know what it is about waking up first thing in the morning and getting a work out in before my day starts, but whatever it is I feel great the entire day. So today my day started promptly at 4 AM. First thing I did was say a prayer thanking God for allowing me to see another day, for love ones, and another opportunity to seize the moment. After that I read 101 quotes of affirmation, nothing like a little self love. Finished packing my gym bag, told your mother I love her with a kiss and I was out the door about 4:30 AM. This morning I managed to work off about 700 calories before 6 AM which is pretty good considering I've been out of it for a while. 

However, this morning's workout gave me a burst of energy that allowed me to maintain my focus today at work without drifting off into wonderland. Drifting off can be easy, especially if you are sitting in an area all by yourself as I was today. Yet the time flew by and I was thankful for that, as well as the many conversations I was able to have today with other associates in the office.  

After work was I was off to take photos around the neighborhood. Normally when I would work out first thing in the morning I would use the hours upon arriving home as an opportunity to take a nap. But I want to be more productive with my days, as I am realizing that time is all of our most precious resource. I don't want to finish this year and look back wishing I made a better effort to utilize the full 24 hours of my day to be productive. 

The photo walk was nice though as I managed to capture some of my favorite spots.  I wanted to chill at one location in particular and just clear my head, but two things one the fountain was not on and two a woman was doing enough relaxing there for the two of us. A short walk to Kroger to grab your mother an apple pie and ice cream and I spent the rest of the evening conversing with her until she fell asleep. 

October 2-0232.jpg

One thing about our neighborhood is that the people around here are very festive. You can definitely tell it's Halloween as you see how elaborate some have become with their homes. 

I feel great about this day as I think I'm going to keep up this schedule for the remainder of the week to develop a habit. It's now 10:17 and the Redskins are playing the Chiefs on Monday Night Football, I'm not really paying attention to it, but if the Redskins win that would place them in an overall tie for first place in the NFC with the Falcons. 

That's all I have for tonight Baby Milline, but one more thing I know these letters are titled 160 days but in 12 more days we will know your gender. This way I'll no longer have to address you as Baby Milline, and can call you by your name. 

Love You Baby Milline (for now), 

Your Father

Ronald Milline