DAY 37/160

Dear Baby Milline, 

I want to do something a little different today, instead of telling you how my day was I'll tell you some of the things I'm thinking about right this moment. Okay here goes...

On average I may spend between 30 - 60 minutes a day watching YouTube vloggers. Some talk about topics I'm interested in such as photography and videography, while others just talk about there day to day lives or the latest gadget they've recently purchased or received as a gift. A few years ago I started watching YouTube a little more than normal and that was when I was blogging daily about Love, Lust, and Relationships. I was a single guy at the time and wanted to voice my opinion on the struggles of dating from the male perspective. The blog got a little traffic and appreciation from some for my honesty, however I noticed a guy on YouTube by the name Kane Carter was getting a lot more engagement than I was, though we shared the same view points. 

Now Baby Milline, we currently live in the age in which your grandparent's will refer to as the microwave society. Everyone wants what they want immediately and patiences has all but been thrown out the door. Near are the days when no one will ever read a physical book, as audible books are the way to go and will get your through a long distance drive or flight. Gone are the days when people will read a newspaper as Social Media has breaking news every minute or every hour. Lastly, and quite possibly effecting me directly the end is possibly near for the blogger.

Vlogging is the new way to go as it is much more personal, since one is able to develop a somewhat personal relationship with your favorite blogger. Seeing someone talk to you in their own voice, during their own time, brings you closer to what he or she may be trying to tell you. It could be complete garbage some times, but people are drawn to one another. Don't believe me, ask anyone living today just how popular reality tv is. People want to know just as much about someone else's life as they do their own. Even making a lot of these people B,C, and D list celebrities. 

I've thought about vlogging for quite some time, matter of fact I recorded my first around the same time I was writing about Love, Lust, and Relationships. However, I felt so weird in my hotel room that day, using my FLiP camera to record myself that I never managed to upload it. The objective when one records themselves is to act as if you're talking to a friend or an audience. All I could think about was I'm talking to myself in a hotel room. 

Yet the possibilities of Vlogging has struck me again, as a few friends have told me they would tune in. But not only that, Vlogging will allow me the opportunity to explore the land of Videography. Another skill set to add to my already growing skillset in photography. It doesn't have to be all about me talking or venting, but it could be another way for me to share the way I see the world artistically. 

I have absolutely no idea what I'd share on a Vlog, or how often I'd do so. From what I've researched the best way to go about it is to develop a pattern so that those that follow the Vlog know when new content is available.  I've thought about possibly doing a daily Vlog, but that seems like a lot of work to be honest. So maybe starting out a few times a week, or perhaps one Vlog as a week in review. 

 Casey Neistat is a Daily Vlogger on YouTube, He's actually pretty well known now for his Vlogs. 

Casey Neistat is a Daily Vlogger on YouTube, He's actually pretty well known now for his Vlogs. 

One thing I have learned for certain though and I hope that you learn this faster than I did. If there is something you're interested in or passionate about just "start." No matter how weird you may feel or the fear that may come upon you initially just start on that passion or interest. You'll hit a few bumps along the way, but anything beats thinking about it over and over in your head an yet never doing anything. 

A photography instructor once told a story of two photographers. One was a master of his craft and would not reveal any of his work until he felt it was perfect in his eyes. Anything less than a masterpiece the world was never able to see. The other wanted to showcase all of his work from the very beginning and develop his skill set along the way. Who do you think became the most successful photographer he asked? 

Well the answer was the one who showcased his work from the very beginning. For he was able to develop a following based on his work, which lead to more opportunities. The perfectionist on the other hand never released any of his work, for none of it was ever perfect enough in his eyes. 

Again the moral of the story Baby Milline, you're going to mess up, but use those situations as lessons learned to improve and better yourself. Every master started some where as many if not all were not perfect from the very beginning. 

Love You, 

Your Father 

Ronald Milline