DAY 38/160

Dear Baby Milline, 

My objective today was to start focusing on vlogging once I left the office today. However, I was so tired all I could think about was getting to my destination and resting. Therefore I did not manage to record any footage of my day today to begin working on my first vlog ever. However, I do have all of the equipment I need to start out, or at least I feel I do. 


This morning I did manage to make it to the gym, to get a nice workout in and sauna time to clear my mind.  I spoke with a fellow Howard Alum about homecoming and the possibility of getting tickets to the game this year. I'll have to wait until that Saturday to determine if that will happen or not, but the odds are pretty high.  Your grandmother had a small incident today that initially brought a reaction of concern but a bigger blessing came from it than I or she thought. It's amazing how things occur in our lives even when we are least expecting them. 

This evening was all about family time with your grandparents and catching up on the day and weeks events thus far.  Also this weekend shall be different, but I'll have to tell you why tomorrow as I don't want to ruin a surprise. 

One thing that was on my mind today though was, what if we all did what we wanted to do verses what we had to do? What would the world be like then? Not in a criminal way or mischievous way, but doing things that bring us joy and happiness. I recently found a buddy of my from high school on Facebook today and he's a full time artist I believe. He lives purely off his work, and he's happy with doing that. I don't know if I can consider him a struggling artist or a successful one, but one thing for certain he appears happy to be doing what he is doing. And he's doing it with no regrets. I think it's pretty cool actually. Now this is purely based on a social media profile, so it could be or could not be true. But what if we all followed his way of living and doing what makes us happy unapologetically. Would the world be a better place? 

I don't have an answer to this question yet, but it is something that is now on my mind. Something I may talk about on a vlog one day :-). 

Love You, 

Your Father 

Ronald Milline