DAY 6/160

Dear Baby Milline, 

Recall how yesterday I mentioned that your mother and I had good intentions on going to church this morning.  Well we did as we woke at a proper hour, ate breakfast and proceeded to get dressed. Now just to inform you we, your mother and I, both knew her body would start to go through changes as you grow inside of her. However, things are happening so quickly and your mother and I just were not prepared for it. This morning there were some complications with your mothers wardrobe and we had to forgo church to resolve this issue. I just want you to know your mother is a beautiful woman, but like many of us she struggles when things don't go her way. She was set on wearing this dress this morning and when things did not work out for her, it caused her to have a minor break down. One issue with men they say is that at times we are not the emotional types as we are always trying to solve a problem. I will say that was part of my aim this morning, because I feel bad when your mom cries, but I also wanted her to know everything will be alright. 

So since there was no church this morning and we wanted to resolve the issue we ended up at your mom's favorite store. 

September 3 2017  (1 of 7).jpg

So here we are at Target to get your mother some fresh maternity gear, and Baby Milline if you are every so lucky to go to Target with either your mom or aunt I will pray for you. Their focus in Target is not on 'target' at all. From stopping at the $1 section in the front of the store to somehow looking at personal products our visit for maternity gear turned into something different entirely. 

September 3 2017  (2 of 7).jpg

Your mom is a funny one though as she wanted to note that all the maternity items looked like granny panties and she did not want to wear any granny panties. My thought was comfort but your mother wants both style and comfort and I can't blame her. 

September 3 2017  (3 of 7).jpg

Somehow while we were in there we managed to get your first bed also. I'll have the honor of assembling it for you.

September 3 2017  (7 of 7).jpg

But one thing also stood out to me while we were in there. There was a model featured in one of the photo there with a gap between her teeth. Your mother and I both have gaps also, so does your grandmother's. However, both your grandfathers have 'straight' teeth and I don't want you to ever feel you don't look like us because your teeth don't match ours. Typically you don't see models featured like this in ads so this definitely stood out to me when I saw it in the store.  Baby Milline you have a perfect smile you should know that and we already know that. 

September 3 2017  (4 of 7).jpg

The remainder of the day was spent celebrating your great aunt's retirement as an educator.  You come from a long line of educators just so you know, so if you feel that's your calling also I do understand. Your aunt was surrounded by love ones, friends, family, and the like. I was able to spend some time with your cousins and chop it up with your aunt Tiff as well.  

September 3 2017  (6 of 7).jpg

One last thing Baby Milline at 12:13am on September 4, 2017 your cousin DeJay was born. We are still waiting on her official weight and size soon as well as photos.  She's your older cousin but fortunately you two will be close in age and able to grow up together. 

September 4 2017  (1 of 1).jpg

It's now 1:27am and daddy is tired so I'm going to bed, 

Love you Baby Milline, 

Your Father 

Ronald Milline