DAY 7/160

Dear Baby Milline, 

September 4 2017  (2 of 3).jpg

Today was a tiresome of a day. This morning your mother and I went to visit your older cousin in person to say hello.  Little DeJay, Shanetria, and D.J. are doing well. We were able to catch up with your cousins and your mother was able to hear first hand how her experience may be. Though she did not want to hear any details prior to entering into the hospital, she did mention she was excited upon us leaving. 

From there we returned back to Target to pick up your crib before heading to your grandparent's house to fellowship on this Labor Day weekend one more time before returning to work. Your grandfather loves recording the games over the weekend both college and professional, so that he will be able to watch them without commercials. He also does this so he can watch every game in its entirety without having to flip between channels. Genius if you ask me. I will be honest and let you know I enjoyed a beer with your grandfather, but fell asleep shortly afterwards. Clearly I was exhausted from going, going, going all weekend long. From there we dropped by your grandmothers house to say hello, check up on her and get some watermelon for your mom. Your mom loves her watermelon, and my black card should be revoked because it's not my favorite fruit. 

September 4 2017  (3 of 3).jpg

It's football season which means the return on fantasy football.  Mommy was going to draft for me this season, but was afraid to mess up the picks so she let me handle it. My goal was to get her more involved in fantasy football this year so that maybe next year she'd like to join a league of her own.  I'll see next week if I can help persuade her to set the line up for me as well as keep updates during the game on how well the team is doing.  

September 4 2017  (4 of 3).jpg

Well Baby Milline, tomorrow I mail the envelope with your gender to your auntie for her to plan the gender reveal party.  So much is going on so quickly, and as we learned today from your cousins you will be here before we know it. 

Until Tomorrow I love you, 

Your Father

Ronald Milline