DAY 9/160

Dear Baby Milline, 

Your mother and I both feel we are slightly coming down with a common cold. This time of the year is always a bit strange as the weather is changing. One day the high can be 88 degrees the next day 76. It's also hurricane season as another storm is quickly approaching the south east coast of the United States of America. This storm is causing your father a bit more to do at work beyond his normal day to day activities. However, I enjoy it because it keeps me busy. 

September 6 2017  (2 of 4).jpg

Recall how I told you before that your mother's favorite store is Target, well your father's favorite store is Best Buy. I think we'd do a lot better if I did all the shopping at Target and your mother did the shopping at Best Buy. Today I searched for film for an Instax camera made by Fujifilm and a screen protector on sale for my iPhone 6. I shouldn't have purchased the screen protector, but I did, and Best Buy did not have the film I was looking for. 

September 6 2017  (4 of 4).jpg

The rest of the day was spent hanging out at your grandparent's house. Just to give you a heads up, every Wednesday minus a few select days is considered fish Wednesday at the Wyatt III household. Your grandfather makes so delicious fried fish coupled with bake french fries. Normally I'd chase that with a beer, but as of late it's been mostly water. 

From there your mother and I took a quick trip to CVS, and I'm so happy your mother asked the pharmacist before purchasing some sinus medicine as we both learned it was not good for pregnancy. So we are trying this vapor tonight to see if it will help with our nasal congestion. 

September 6 2017  (3 of 4).jpg

The weekend is quickly approaching Baby Milline, and tomorrow your father will run in his first 5k in almost 4 years. I plan to run the entire distance but if I have to stop and walk I won't be upset. I won't lie I haven't prepared for this run very well, though I did start off on a high. 

Also tomorrow marks the start of the NFL 2017-2018 football season. The New England Patriots will face the Kansas City Chiefs.  It's a great chance you will also not like the Patriots but if your uncle has any influence over you, you may also become a fan. In which I will have to no longer claim you as my child, just kidding. 

One last thing, today I attempted to use my iPhone 6 and Moment Lenses for the photos on the blog, I'm not certain it works the way I want it to, so tomorrow perhaps it's back to my point and shoot. 


Your Father 

Ronald Milline