DAY 2/160

Dear Baby Milline, 

Today was a dull of a day, not much happening at work outside of them adding 4 additional flavors of coffee and much of the day involved rain.  Houston,TX recently experienced a horrible hurricane named Harvey and with Harvey also came an additional 40 inches of rain placing most of lower Houston completely under water.  Our President is more concerned about his popularity than his fellow citizens shelter and health. Hopefully you will never have to experience anything like this in your life from a President but who knows.  

At dinner today, forgot to take pictures, we placed a bet on your gender.  Your mom and grandmother both voted that you will be a girl. Your aunt Tiff, cousin Chance, and myself all feel you will be a boy.  Your grandfather had no opinion on the matter as he did not have enough evidence nor experience with carrying a child to tell. It was all good though we will know your sex this Friday upon a Doctors visit, however the doctor will place your gender in an envelop to be sealed for you aunty and aunty only to know your gender until you are revealed on October 15th. Your name will be either Zoiy Daniel or Ronald III (Tre). I'm excited to meet you and I know your mother is also.  

I actually get a little teary eyed thinking about you and pray that I will be all the father you could ever hope for.  I also pray your mother will continue to be the strong, beautiful, courageous woman she is for both you and I.  

Just want to tell you today Baby Milline that we love you, and let you know you are coming into a family filled with Love. 

As I told you before your mom sleeps a lot.  It's only 9PM on August 30, 2017 and she's fast asleep.  She fell asleep watching Family Guy as this is one of her favorite shows.  I think she knows all the episodes by heart, and thanks to Netflix she can watch this show over and over again. But she's so beautiful, isn't she :-). 

August 30 2017 (2 of 1).jpg


Your Father 

Ronald Milline